Monday, April 15, 2013

Running, Pregnancy and Hypertension

Runners are generally fit, healthy people, who take care of their bodies, set goals, some are intense and want to win, and others do it more leisurely. I am more of a competitor who just enjoys running for fun, who isn't out there to win. I have never been a runner in my life up until the last 8 years. I want to beat old PR's, and yes, I like passing people on the home stretch, sometimes I even count how many people I pass at the end of a marathon, its fun, and it keeps me going.

You don't hear of too many serious runners who have chronic hypertension. I was diagnosed with it in 2005, have tried over 8 different kinds of meds, and many different diets to help control this medical condition. When I had a phone intake with my cardiologist, she asked me all the common questions, "what is your diet like, do you exercise, how much sodium do you take in, etc" When I walked into her office, her jaw dropped and she said, "wow, you aren't what I expected. Many people who have chronic hypertension are obese, don't take care of their bodies, and eat like shit" B/c all the meds are made up for overweight, old people who arent' active, finding a medication was merely impossible for me. We finally found one at the lowest dose that finally worked, controlled my heartrate, didnt' knock me to the ground, and still allows me to exercise. Shortly after being diagnosed with this, I was running a 10K race in Stillwater, and stopped mid-race thinking I was having a heart attack. I went to my cardiologist the next day, and she had me go through a battery of tests at Abbott and the Mayo. The tests showed that I had too much muscle mass on my heart, and when I trained hard for a marathon, this muscle mass grew, which caused my heart to expand outside of the heart cavity, mimicking a heart attack. At that point, I was limited to only training and running one marathon a year. Not cool.

So obviously exercising with chronic hypertension is already high risk, you add being pregnant and having hypertension and you are at even higher risk. My blood pressure stayed stable up until weeks 28 and 30 respectively during my two pregnancies. The best thing you can do during pregnancy while having high blood pressure is exercise. This gives you and your baby more oxygen and increases blood flow which in the end of way healthier. I was cut off from exercise at some point during each pregnancy due to my blood pressure not being under control. Its hard when you are trying to do something so healthy for you and your baby but you are limited due to something that is out of your control. I was on a high protein, low sodium/salt diet which helped me get as far along in the pregnancies as I did without my numbers getting too high.

Both pregnancies I had pre-eclampsia, and I knew this would probably be the case. I am just thankful that I was able to make it as far as I did in both, seeing that many cases people have their babies much much earlier than I did (38 weeks and 36 weeks).

I am so glad I was able to exercise the majority of each pregnancies and I see how healthy both my babies came out, that I knew I must have been doing something right!

Count your blessings.... as I write this post, two explosives just went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Praying for all the runners and spectators, and praying that this was not an act of violence. What a horrible thing for the most respected race ever.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exercise and Motherhood

Hello followers.

Sorry for the two year lack of writing, we have been busy making and having babies. Our life is full with two boys, Logan just turned two, and Owen was born March 6th. So I guess you could say I have had my hands busy.

But I'm back at it, thinking and blogging lots on life in general, so I hope you are prepared for lots of insight! My brain hasn't stopped being funny just b/c I have become a mother, its become insanely more awesome. Enjoy!

As I type this blog, I am sitting here with a 5 lb. infant looking up at me in my lap, and my toddler kicking away in his crib protesting a nap. You think, "how does she ever get anything done with two under two?" Well, its simple. You use every minute of every day, and you do stuff. You dont' have time to be lazy (although some of those sleepless nights sure make you want to be lazy, and stay in your sweats all day). You still live your life to its fullest, and don't complain about how busy and tired you are. That is how you get things done.

Here is an example of one day with my two boys. Wake up around 630am, feed Owen. Change a poopy diaper. Hear Logan calling "mama" in his room next to ours, go get him. Change his diaper, get him dressed, brush his teeth. Family breakfast downstairs. Dad stays home with the two boys while mom gets her run on. Turn on Thomas the Train for Logan, Owen naps, mom showers and gets ready. Then its time to get out of the house. if its nice, we do something outdoors, if its crappy, we do playdates, jungle gyms, trampoline parks, toddle open gyms, etc. My toddler has more energy and I must expend it in order for him to nap for me. We get home around 11am, feed Owen, change his poopy diaper, feed Logan lunch, might feed myself lunch, put logan down for his awesome 3 hour nap, one-on-one time with my Owen. Then he naps, I clear the house, pick up toys, do laundry, wash out bottles, pumping stuff, and prep stuff for dinner. Logan wakes up around 3pm, we have cuddles, get him a snack, change another poopy diaper, go outside and run wild (good thing we live in a kid-friendly culda-sac so we can kick a ball around and he won't get hit by a car). Then after two hours of playtime, we have dinner made up, daddy comes home around 530pm, then its family dinner, bath time for both boys, play time with daddy, settle down time with books, both boys sleeping by 730pm. Owen wakes up for his feeding at 9pm, and then we have lights out. ANd then we wake up and do it all over again the next day. Its awesome. I absolutely LOVE my life. I wouldnt' want it any other way. Life will change when I go back to work, but right now, I am enjoying maternity leave A LOT.

That is a "simple day" in our world. Then you add in a few more factors: we have a 5 week old, who came 4 weeks early, spent the first week of his young life in the special care nursery, then we were home for not even a week, and we were admitted to Childrens' for dehydration and vomiting and were there for three days, then came home for less than a week, and he had surgery on his bum kidney and spent another three days in the hospital. Yes, he is only 5 weeks old. That is stress, but how I handle the stress is how I am defined. Most people in that given circumstance, would lay in bed every free minute they have, and feel bad for themselves, wishing that someone would come to their house and clean it for them. That's not how one should live.

The way I get through my stress is through exercise. Running is my zen. Its my one outlet that truly helps me get through some thick stuff. I wouldnt' be able to get through my most stressful days without running. I pushed my second baby out in three pushes, turned to the doctor and asked her if she could clear me to run a race that I had signed up for the following weekend (not knowing we would be pregnant at the time). She looked at me and laughed. I then went on and asked her if she was sure there was only one baby inside of me b/c I still had so much energy and adrenaline going through me that I was ready to push out a few more babies. people probably hate me for how easy my second was, but if they knew how hard my first delivery was, they would understand that I completely deserve Owen.

Oh yeah, back to running. If you haven't read the book "Run like a Mother", go buy it, and read it. Its amazing, and its the best book that will help you get off your lazy butt after having a baby, and exercise (besides reading my awesome motivating blogs). I have found that I am a better mom b/c of the "me time" I set aside and have (usually consists of running). When I get back from a run, I am clear-minded and ready to be a refreshed mom! I love my boys to DEATH, but we all need a break from our kids at times. On todays' 2.5 mile run (give me a break, I got cleared to run 3 weeks earlier than normal people do- and I need to start out slow, don't worry, I have plenty of time to train for the 1/2 marathon in June), all I could think about were my boys. I know its supposed to be "me time" but I would start laughing out loud mid stride, by some of the things Logan says. His world is so awesome, I would love to be inside his brain for a day, and Owen is such a joy, minus the sleepless night we had the night before last). My world is my boys.

But I also got to thinking about how crabby I am when I couldnt' run the first three weeks after having Owen. My husband probably took the brunt of it. But he understands my obsession. I had a 1-week follow up with my doctor due to some complications we had post-deliver, and tried to get cleared to run that day. She again, laughed at me, and said, lets compromise and say 3 weeks. I agreed. I never was a runner, EVER. I hated running. Running meant punishment in my world. I was a two sport athlete in college, soccer and basketball, and we hATED running. haha. But now I have grown to run marathons, and I LOVE running. I am not fast by any means, and I don't ever place, but its so refreshing and I do it for the challenge and sense of accomplishment.

Well, I now have a screaming baby in my lap (he said I was writing too much) and its time for my toddler to wake up since he took so long to fall asleep. I promise I will write a much more organized blog with no chaos next time.

See you soon!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The next Jenny McCarthy?

Hello everyone!

I know its been FOREVER since I have blogged, and I apologize! We have had just a few things going on at the Deer-household!

I guess the biggest "thing" that is going on in our life is that we are expecting our first baby! (again). After a devestating loss in June, we somehow conceived our baby 3 days after the miscarriage (Yes, I know what you are all thinking, WOW, but Josh is claiming full credit for his amazing swimmers) Miracles happen, and it happened to us immediately, and we could not be more excited about this amazing journey ahead!

Well, I'm not much of a reader, in fact, with all the pregnancy books that were thrown my way, the most interesting book I found just lookin' at the cover was Belly Laughs, by Jenny McCarthy. All those fact books are all great and informative if you are going to base your parental skills out of a book, and live by those books, but if you are going to live a loose life-style, and go with the flow with your pregnancy, then Jenny McCarthy if your girl. She is flippin' hilarious!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started reading her book! Everything I read I could totally relate to!

Its amazing how much shit goes on in your body when you are pregnant! * PLEASE STOP READING IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EAISLY!!!!!

I mean, she talks about constipation, and she was not kidding. I'm not sure if its the prenatals that make me constipated, but something is going on, and its making me go crazy. I need to poop once a day, I need to poop b/c it makes me feel clean, like my system has been flushed! When I finally do get a chance to poop, or feel one coming on, it is painful! Why can't this shit just slide out of me like it did before! i'm scared that if i push too hard, i'm going to push this little baby out too early!

Anyone want to go to Nigeria Falls? Ok, well, come on into my pants! Its just a delight! I'll let you figure out what I'm meaning by this one!

Breast tenderness? oh Josh, you stay away from those puppies, they are so tender some days it hurts to put a bra on! maybe you can touch them in March after our little one arrives!

Thank GOD I haven't experienced morning sickness! I hear that is a tough one! I only puked when I ate dairy in the morning, or took my pre-natals on an empty stomach! Some have belief that I didn't experience it b/c we are having a boy, well, we'll see about that with the next prenancy!

Menstrual Cramps? No, its just my uterus getting extremely large!!!!!!! That's all! Man, for the longest time, I kept thinking i was about to get my period! Finally, 6 weeks later, I took 4 pregnancy tests, and they were all positive! Who would have thought!?!?!?

Large chest?!?! YES PLEASE! I have always had a small chest, its nice to have some purky-ness added to my curves! Who knows how huge they will get once that breast milk comes in!

Gravity- its a crazy thing! I'm still running, just hit 18 weeks today, and I feel like this baby is pressing so low on my uterus that the gravity is going to pulled this baby out of me! Its insane how gravity works! I mean, come on, I already can't eat certain things, drink beer, and not play contact sports, at least let me continue to run!!!!!

What is my belly- a soft puppy?!?! I dont' mind if you come up to me, ask me if you can feel my belly, that is cool, our son likes to feel touch, but please dont' just come up to me, and start rubbing my belly without getting permission! Would you do that to me right before a marathon when i'm in my shorts and sports bra? I don't think so! So why is this any different?!?! Please, touch my belly, its cool, its amazing how much changes week by week, but come on, a little respect for me and my little man!

Peeing my pants? Well, not yet, but pretty close! Sometimes if I have to go to the bathroom, and i sneeze, i just about lose control of my bladder! and honestly, I think getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is a preparation for when the baby is here and you are already up the whole night with your baby!!!!

I could probably write my own book at this point, but i'm tired, and its approaching my bedtime! I only wish that our significant others could go through just one pregnancy in their life to see what we women truly go through. Its insane how much you dont' know going into a pregnancy, and how much you just find out along the way! 

Cheer's to a healthy and happy 9 months of pregnancy to everyone out there! I cannot wait to have a nice cold beer once this baby boy is born!!!!! Good night!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Negative People

As much or as little as you know about me, you can obviously tell I'm not a negative person, nor do I like people who are negative and complain. I can take them in moderation, but I need to take myself out of conversations where people are constantly complaining. Complaining and hating life is not going to get you ANYWHERE?!?!? I mean, how can you feel GOOD about yourself after you are sooo down or negative about a certain topic?!?! I dont' get it. You are wasting your breath when you complain.

Now let me clarify myself- there is a difference between complaining and venting. I vent all the time. You need to let out what you are feeling in order to move forward. If you are complaining, you are a negative person and dont' have anything better to do with your life. If you honestly have to look at every situation and pick out the negative of everything, wow, get a life. Go find some friends. Oh wait, you probably dont' have any friends b/c you are soo negative!!!! ha! (i'm pretty funny after putting in a 15 hour work-day!)

Venting- its simple. Something makes you worked up, someone talks behind your back, You need to let it out. You need to do this in order to clear your state of mind, and move forward. People who bottle up these things usually need help! I used to bottle stuff up for so long that I would break down, and out of nowhere, would be a miserable person. I have learned in my mature age, that the more you express yourself, the better you are going to feel, and the happier you are going to be. Because chances are, if there is something bothering you, its probably bothering the person you are venting to, too!

Complaining- to express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault:. that is the basic definition of "complain". Its pretty obvious that if you are complaining, and have TIME to complain, you probably have even MORE time to FIX what you are complaining about. People who are soooo negative are probably my biggest pet peeve! Honetsly, grow up and figure it out! Being nagative is just going to make people not like you,and really get annoyed with you.

Sometimes I dont' catch all the complaining that takes place. But when I realize that someone is REALLY being negative, I can step back and analyze how rediculous it sounds and how much I just want to walk away! If you have a problem with something, lets say, at work, and you think you are "venting" about it, but then it turns into something you do day in and day out, that is complaining, not venting, and you should probably talk to someone with authority if you are looking for change. Your peers can't change it for you. They barely know what you are talking about b/c you are COMPLAINING and they are not LISTENING! hahaha!

All I'm saying is that things are not going to magically be fixed for you. Everyone has the right to express how they feel, but really, if you are finding yourself doing this over and over, people aren't really listening to you, and you should probably go to your pet toad and complain to him! Your pet is probably a better listener, and wont' talk back!

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mental Toughness

I have heard over and over that "you have to be born a runner, you can't just become a runner." Well, I beg to differ. Up until I graduated from my undergrad, I hated running. I thought running was a form of punishment. I grew up playing soccer and basketball, I didnt' know what it meant to be a long distance runner. Growing up, my dad had me doing sprints if I missed a shot in basketball. If we had a horrible game, we would most likely have a sprinting practice the following day. In college, the most common phrase out of Fessler's mouth was, "Sprint". Even though you had to be in shape and have the endurance to play 90 minutes of college soccer, it was still a game of mini-sprints. I never thought running longer than the length of a soccer field could be fun and challenging.

I got out of college, in route to grad school at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and I suddenly became bored. I didnt' know how to NOT be an athlete after being a multiple sport athlete for four years in college. I knew grad school would be time consuming and challenging, but I needed something more... I needed a challenge physically. I came up with the crazy idea of running a full marathon...yes... 26.2 miles of pure HELL. Why did I think I would want to take on this challenge, I have no idea. The only one who believed in me was my dad. He said I could do anything if I put my mind to it. When I told him I wanted to train for a full marathon, and run it that fall, he said, "Shabba, you can do it, running is a mental sport, and no one can tell you its impossible." So I started training for my first marathon June 2004, and the race was the end of Sept, in Omaha, NE (I know, it sounds boring to run in Omaha, NE, but with grad school, I had to make sure it was a local race in case I had a lot of school work and clinicals). On July 28, 2004, I officially registered for the 2004 Omaha Marathon.

Wow, what the hell was I thinking? I hated running. Running was the worst idea I ever could have come up with. Coming from the medical field, I had to find out some answers about running, and if it was phsycially possible for me to run this great of a distance. With my little knowledge on slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, I started researching these two to learn more. Our bodies are made up of different types of muscle fibers, all of which rely on different energy systems. Slow twitch fibers, as the name suggests, contract more slowly than fast twitch muscle fibers and they can contract for a longer period of time. We often call these 'endurance' muscles because they're great for aerobic activities that require endurance like running, cycling and swimming. In general, many of us will have about 50% slow twitch fibers and 50% fast twitch fibers, although it will differ between individuals. Successful long-distance runners will often have more slow twitch fibers while sprinters or bodybuilders will often have more fast twitch fibers. So I'm thinking, wow, I probably can complete a marathon. I had no idea how to train for something insane as this, so I googled "marathon training" and picked the first training program that came up.

My training went really well up until the beginning of August, when I learned that my father was killed in a plane crash. I immediately stopped training, and decided to focus on school and grief. But the more I sat around, the crazier I went. My father believed in me, and told me that I could run a marathon if I really wanted to. So the training continued, on very little sleep, very little food, and lack of focus. But running was what kept me sane... my dad kept me focused enough to finish the training, and complete my first marathon. I finished my first marathon in 4 hours 24 minutes. Not to shabby for a first timer who had never run a race in her life!

Marathons became addicting. I signed up for the 2005 Omaha Marathon, trained hard, got to mile 17 and had to drop out with a broken foot. Mental toughness would not have helped that pain I was experiencing during those 17 miles. 2006 I completed the Twin Cities Marathon with one of my best friends, Scott Zachmann. Mental toughness pushed us through the full race .I become extremely dehydrated, and his back started acting up. But instead of quiting and having our family pick us up, we pushed through the bumps, and we finished strong; 4 hours 16 min. 2007 I completed my third maratho, Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. I had a personal best of 3 hours, 56 minutes, my first sub-4 hour marathon. After that race, I wanted more than just shaving off minutes, I wanted to qualify for Boston Marathon. That same fall, I completed Twin Cities marathon with a great friend, Lindsey Palmer. Now this girl is mentally tough. We had the most miserable weather a runner could ask for. Our training was through every type of weather, and race day came, and we had 80% humidity, and the start of the race was 81 degrees. I had no idea how we were going to complete this race. We took it one mile at a time, and 4 hours and 22 min. later, we finished. And what a great feeling that was. In 2008 Palmer and I started training for the Twin Cities marathon again, and I ran into some health issues. My heart was enlarged, and my heart cavity was too small, thus causing my blood pressure to be off the charts; not something a runner should have happen. I took myself out of the training, and got a bunch of tests done to make sure i was going to be ok. In the end, I learned that my muscle mass of my heart grew too large with all the training I had been doing, that i would have to limit my addiction to one marathon a year, and i would have to slow up my times in order to keep my heart rate in a safe zone. This didnt' make me happy one bit, I tried being tough, and attempted to run some shorter races, but that was not the solution. I knew I had to back off a bit, and not push myself. 2009 I got back at it. I signed up for the Inaugural Minneapolis Marathon, the training was great, and come race day, we had the most perfect weather a runner could ask for. I was at a great pace 8:30 min/mile up until mile 12, I started fading a bit, and then my heart started acting up around mile 17. I had come this far, i was not quitting. I slowed up, and ended up finishing my 5th marathon in 4 hours, 29 min. Not the time I wanted, but I also didn't want to be that runner on the news who had a heart attack and died during the race .I was smart, and my mental toughness got me through the race. And finally this year, I trained for the 2nd annual Minneapolis Marathon, and was all ready to taper off, and my husband and I found out we were expecting... mental toughness could not come into play on this one. That would be called mental stupidity.

Dont' worry, I'm starting to come to my conclusion. So thank you for reading up until this point so far! After learning that we had lost our baby, I had to get back into racing, and at this point in my life, a 1/2 marathon would make me happy. I had signed up for the Inaugural Red White and Boom! 1/2 marathon that was to take place on the 4th of July. I hadn't done a long run for almost 2 months, and mentally, i wasnt' trained to run that type of distance, but those factors were not going to stop me. I showed up race day, with 90% humidity, down-pouring rain, 83 degrees at 6:30am, and a lovely wind that was whipping from the southeast. I thought I was going to die. I got to mile 4, in tears, wishing my husband could come pick me up, and at that point, I remembered my dad, and him telling me I could push through it, and I WILL complete this half marathon. And I did just that. I finished in 2 hours 2 min, and 48 seconds. Not my ideal time, but I would take that time anyday with how much I had gone through during that race.

In my conclusion, what I'm trying to say, is that you are all runners. You have no excuse not to run. Our society is so obese its embarrassing. Running is all about mental toughness. If you put your mind to something, you will succeed. Everyone is born a runner. We all are made up with those slow-twitch muscle fibers that allow us to run a great distance. Now, some of you are thinking, wow, you are nuts, I am not a runner, no, actually i'm not nuts, you are just lazy. Now, if you dont' find running enjoying, than great, go find something to get your ass off the couch and be active. But we have no excuses to be fat. Genes do not fully contribute to obesity. They may play a small role, but you decide who you want to be. You be the change you want to see. You cannot leave it up to other's to workout for you. Its basic science. Increase heart rate + balance diet = healthy human. I'm sick and tired of hearing every excuse in the world to why they dont' run or exercise. If you think you can't, you have failed yourself already. Running (and exercising in general) is mental toughness, and with mental toughness, you can accomplish anything. If you dont' believe me, Sports Illustrated just had a recent article that human beings are genetically created to last long distances because of our up-right position and the make-up of our muscles. So there!

Thank you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red, White, and BOOM!!!

Wow, Its been awhile since I have posted something. And I sure have to do a better job at this. I cant' say that I am a great written, but I sure feel good after I write something I'm passionate about.

Last year I remember receiving an invite for the Inaugural Red White and Boom 1/2 marathon that Twin Cities Marathon was putting on. It was to take place on the 4th of July, and the course went through NE Mpls, my stopping grounds. I was very excited about the expansion of races in the Twin Cities, but I knew it wouldnt' be a race I could ever do because of holiday plans we always have. So that idea got placed on the back burner, and wasn't brought up 'til recently.

The past 3 years, Josh and I have started our own tradition of going up to Lake Vermillion in Tower, MN for the 4th of July weekend, with his mom's side of the family. Its always a blast; a weekend that usually consists of funny stories, fishing, campfires, beer drinking, fireworks (that sometimes malfunction), great people, and tons of food. This is a childhood tradition that meanst he world to Josh and he rarely misses these trips up north. As for me, my 4th of July weekend took place further north, in Grand Marais, MN on Devil's Track Lake, in the Boundary Waters. Our family and The Anderson's would head up north, usually for a week, and enjoy the MN summer. On the 4th of July, we would head into town, stop by DQ, get these awesome blizzards that were so thick they would tip the blizzard upside down to show off, we would find our perfect stop on these huge boulders on the shore of Lake Superior, and we would "ohhhhh and ahhhhh" over the beautiful fireworks over the breakwaters. It was something we would never forget as kids. Regardless of the traditions as kids, Josh and I decided that we would continue on our 4th of July tradition in Tower, MN.

After doing this cabin trip the last 2 summers, I have found out many funny things about Josh's cousins and aunt's and uncles. They are really funny people, with really funny stories, and when you add alcohol into the equation, its priceless. I have become very fond of the Bauler's and I'm so glad they have welcomed me so nicely into their family. We have had many holiday's together, and the memories just keep growing and growing.

This year isnt' going to turn out just as we had planned.....We thought we had lined up our puppy-sitter for our two dogs, but things fell through, and we ended up not having anyone to watch them. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves (that is just not the type of people Josh and I are) we decided we are going to make the best out of our 3-day weekend, and have a lot of FUN!!!

One month ago I was supposed to run in the 2nd Annual Minneapolis Marathon. I had trained my hardest for this marathon.. My training partner, Amy Cooper, who was to run the Grandma's Marathon a few weeks later, was training for her first marathon. And I couldnt' have been more proud of her. She had amazing energy, and together, we were unstoppable down at the chain of lakes! A few weeks prior to the marathon, Josh and I had learned that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy, and were due in January! Although I was devestated about not running, I still encouraged Amy along her final weeks of training, and couldnt' have been more excited to experience this pregnancy. The day before the race, I was taken to the ER, and we had lost our baby. It was horrible. It was one of the hardest things Josh and I have gone through as a couple. We went from the highest of all high's to the lower low one could experience. I woke up on the day of the marathon, and told Josh I was going to run that marathon afterall.... he stopped me, told me he wasnt' ok with it, and told me to go back to bed. Since then, I have been itching to compete in a race! I didnt' want to find an easy race to just say I did, I needed a challenge! I almost drove up to Duluth, MN to run Grandma's Marathon with Amy, but my doctor didnt' clear me yet. Seeing that there arent' a ton of options of summer marathons, this Red White and Boom was sounding better and better, especially since we were going to be in town.

Our alternative plans this 4th of July weekend is going to consist of puppy parks, Twins baseball, laying out at the pool, the Red White and Boom 1/2 marathon, a possible double date, and lots of relaxation! I dont' think we could ask for anything more!

Everyone celebrates 4th of July in their own way. Some people party until its morning, some people shoot off their own fireworks, some go up north, and some run 1/2 marathon's. It doesnt' matter what you end up doing on your 4th of July, as long as you remember the importance of this holiday in some way; it marks the independence of our country. Its a day that we have to be thankful for. I'm not much into history, and I'm not going to try and tell you what took place to get our country free, but I do know that its an important date!

Make sure you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend and be safe. I know Josh and I are going to make it a great weekend... I mean, who wouldnt' want to run 13.1 miles at 6:30am on the 4th of July!

Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The truth about diets

Ok, so you can tell me that I am not a professional, but in all honesty, being an athlete back in the day and actually having a TON of nutritional background with classes, I feel like I can give my hoenst opinion.

I think diet's are the biggest joke in the world. Today's society has embedded into our heads that the only way to lose weight is to diet, do all these extreme, completely unhealthy, eating habits, that make you sick, taste nasty, and its not healthy to even be on them! What are you guys thinking??!?!?!? Why would you want to do that to yourself? Starving yourself for 10 days, eating god-awful things, pretending like you are enjoying the pain you are going through? You are SICK! There is no pleasure to go through a diet. Some people may think that its all about self-discipline, and it partially is, but there are SO many other ways to lose weight.

My husband and I were looking at doing a "Master Cleanse" diet this past week. Yeah, how long do you think that lasted? You guessed it, ONE DAY! It was the biggest joke ever! Josh and I were completely miserable, very crabby, and had constant headache! Yeah- that sounds fun doesn't it.

After failing the diet after day 1, we talked about how we need to change our life style. There really isnt' much to it besides, drinking more water, eating healthier, eating less out, and exercising. That sounds way more enjoyable than starving yourself, doesnt' it?

Diets are a joke. There isn't one health text book out there that tells you that the "jenny craig diet" is healthy, or the "south beach diet" is a good idea. Its all about moderation and healthy choices. If you want to lose weight, watch what you eat, eat 5-6 mini-meals a day, exercise 4-5 days a week, and drink lots of water (that will fill you up and you won't be so hungry all the time). Its basic science people. And it works. Diets are funny, people the less you eat, the skinnier you will get, when in all honesty the less you eat, the slower your metabolism is, and the slower your food digests, so really, you arent' really losing weight, you are just eating away at muscle mass. Take that diet-lovers! If your metabolism slows down, you are only eating away at your muscle, hmmmm....funny concept I'm sure you hadn' thought about if you arent' a health nut!

 I think its really awesome that health clubs do all these pro-mo's with losing weight and getting fit at the new year! ok, stop promoting that stuff! If getting in shape and eating healthier are someone's New Year's Resolution, they are going to fail, b/c everyone fails those things. Set more realistic goals than that! Set mini, more reasonable, goals, such as losing 10 lbs in three months. You have to run 50 miles in order to lose 1 TRUE lb of weight. If you are losing more than 2 lbs a week, you are losing water weight, and that isn't true FAT! So please people, lets get real- just change your bad habits. Its not that hard. Dont' get suckered into all these fad diets that are out there, they are horrible, and never work.

Please do something about this NOW, dont' wait until you are 50 years old regreting how overweight and unhealthy you are. The youth of America are so overweight its unreal. Its embarrassing to see how parents shove McDonald's in their kids' faces just to shut them up, or buy them video games if they get a gold star at school! When I was a kid, we didnt' WANT to come inside from playing when it was time to go to bed. Now days, Josh and I can't even find a kid playing outside when its beautiful out! Its so sad, and its the parents fault! Dont' make your kids have a miserable life when they find out that its not cool to eat McDonald's every day!

I'm Stephanie Deer. I have a BS in Kinesiology, and a Master's in Athletic Training, and I'm on my way to Nursing school. So if you think I am rediculous, I think you are rediculous!